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Pacific Coast Hearing Center's Three Step Hearing Tests Can Help To Minimize The Effects of Hearing Loss

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Pacific Coast Hearing Center is Committed to Solving YOUR Problem
Beginning with your first appointment we make the initial effort to determine the extent of your problem and uncover any specific areas that may require a specific type or style of a solution.
Some of the typical questions that will be asked:
Are you currently taking or have you in the past, any medications that might have affected your hearing?
Do you currently have employment or participate in hobbies or activities where there are loud noises?
Has anyone else in your family had hearing loss?
Have you ever had an illnesses or a physical injury that might have affected your hearing?
To help Pacific Coast Hearing Center determine the Level of your Hearing Loss.
Your hearing tests will likely include any or all of the following depending on our assessment of your needs.
Specific evaluation to measure your hearing at different frequencies.
Different volumes of speech evaluation to measure your ability to understand ordinary conversation at a varity of levels.
Middle ear evaluation to measure how your ear drum and hearing react to varying degrees of air pressure.
If you are suffering from a hearing loss, your results will be documented on an audiogram.
Pacific Coast Hearing Center specializes in Unitron's Hearing Aids are available in a variety of designs and with a wide range of functions and features to address an individual’s specific needs.
The most basic components include a microphone, an amplifier, a receiver, and (in the case of digital hearing aids) a small computer.
The unprecedented effectiveness of modern digital systems comes from a powerful combination of professional expertise, software, and hardware and Unitrons more than 40 years of manufacturing high quality hearing aids.
Using Unitrons Specialized Technologies we help people with all degrees of hearing loss. These devices can facilitate improved face-to-face communication, reception of electronic media, telephone reception, and reception of important warning sounds and situations.