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Which Hearing Aid Style is Right For You?
There are three main styles of hearing aids:
Those that fit behind the ear • Those that fit right in the ear • Those that fit right in the ear canal.
What’s best for you is dictated by your hearing loss, lifestyle and preferences.

Helping our clients hear better is a shared passion – and it’s changing. The explosion of new technology, combined with more knowledgeable consumers with higher expectations are some of the changes that are requiring us to operate differently than even a year ago. Now, more than ever, our company and you are partners with a big difference to how we adapt to these new demands.

As technology advances, hearing solutions can become confusing. We have chosen to be different:

By stream lineing our product portfolio to make it easy to understand where each product fits best for your specific hearing needs. Each client needs are focused to the latest advances. This leads to greater patient and success.

We offer support tools and programs that can help each client move ahead in their decisionmaking.

Our Flex:trial™ solution is one great example. Happily, so are the opportunities. And, happier still, the
strength of the relationship we share – and the support we can provide each individual person along the way.
We put you at the forefront of these opportunities.
Behind The Ear
A bit larger than in-the-ear styles but some are extremely small and the thin tube is almost invisible.
Can fit a larger battery for longer life, and larger amplifiers for more severe hearing losses.
Can often be fitted the same day as your hearing assessment.
Some do not occlude (or fill up) the ear canal so sounds are more natural, particularly your own voice.
Can be a good choice if you have dexterity concerns.
Inside The Ear
Visible in the ear.
Small sizes can make these a fairly discreet choice.
Customized to fit inside your ear canal.
Small size could be an issue if you have dexterity challenges.
The further into the canal these are fitted the more occlusion (blocked ear feeling) you may experience.
Your ears will most likely need to be cleaned of wax regularly.

Pacific Coast Hearing Center has an advantage of Unitron's direct contact with scientists and engineers in the best Universities around the globe to make the best fitting software and hardware taylored for your better hearing experience.
All Unitron Hearing Aids have a Two Year Warranty.
Unitron has been making high quality hearing aids for over forty years.
Featuring two unique styles containing individual characteristics.
Each style comes in four distinct and effective variations.

Quantum2 Pro: Experience high-fidelity sound, all day long, everywhere you go.

Ultimate listening: Enjoy natural sound and better speech understanding, without the distraction of irritating background noise.

Hands-free enjoyment: You won’t even notice Quantum2 Pro automatically transitioning to the settings that let you hear your best.

Wireless convenience: Quantum2 Pro gives you the option of wireless accessories that make listening even more satisfying.


Enjoy conversations:
In a busy restaurant, you’ll clearly hear everything your companion is saying with Quantum2 Pro automatically zoning in on speech from any direction and fading distracting noises into the background.

Love the phone: When you hold your home phone or cell phone up to your hearing aid, Quantum2 Pro automatically transmits the caller’s voice to both ears for a clear, effortless conversation.

Be entertained: Experience TV directly from your hearing aids, no wires required. Hear shows clearly without turning up the volume so loud that it impacts the enjoyment of others.

Relax at home: Quantum2 Pro eliminates irritating background noises, like the air conditioner running, so you can focus on enjoying your downtime without distraction.

Moxi2 Styles:
There’s a new generation of Moxi™ to love.

Moxi2 offers enhanced technology at five levels, with the premium Pro option providing the ultimate listening experience in all environments, automatically and seamlessly.

A choice between three RIC styles, including the inspired design of Moxi2 Kiss and the robust Moxi2 Dura, gives more flexibility to meet unique needs and preferences.

A complete set of features takes satisfaction even higher, with innovations that create the best first fit experience, all wrapped in the natural sound that only the Era platform can deliver.


A First Fit Experience

Moxi2 Pro: offers a full set of features that deliver sounds just the way nature intended and innovations that make it easier for patients to fully embrace wearing hearing instrumentsand experience effortless enjoyment from day one.

Ultimate listening: The combination of the Automatic Program, SmartFocus 2 and SpeechZone 2 lets your patients automatically experience ultimate listening, even in their most challenging situations.

Happy clients: Flex:trial™ is a one-of-a-kind solution that lets your patients experience the ultimate listening experience of Pro hearing instruments in the real world with no risk or obligation.

High satisfaction: A proven adaptation management strategy keeps new wearers more satisfied by starting them at their preferred listening levels and then gradually adjusting them towards industry standard targets.

If you have and questions just call or email us with your questions.
Feel free to give us a call any time at either office that is close to you.
In Fort Bragg call 707-962-9230, or on the South Coast, Gualala 707-884-9059.