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The ‘Unison’ brand has Three Distinctively and Exceptional Models.
The ‘Unison 6’ is for the active user.
The ‘Unison 3’ is for users who use fewer listening environments.
The ‘Unison Essential’ is for those users who are making the transition to digital hearing aids and are on a tight budget.
The ‘Conversa’ is a conversation focused instrument that takes the conversation out of a noisy gathering.
It has three programs each of which are adaptable to specific users needs. Though it consists of advanced features for better conversing, it is priced very economically.
The ‘Breeze’ brand of hearing aid is fully automatic with the capabilities of eliminating background noise and perfect fitting. It has manual controls and a low battery warning.
Below are just a few of what we have available to help you with your hearing problems.
If you have and questions just call or email us with your questions.
Feel free to give us a call any time at either office that is close to you.
In Fort Bragg call 707-962-9230, or on the South Coast, Gualala 707-884-9059.
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