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Better Hearing Is An Important Decision

When choosing a provider consider the following:

Who is deserving of your confidence and trust?
What hearing instrument and price is best for you?
What will continued care and service look like?

At Pacific Coast Hearing we offer a wide range of hearing aid technologies and exemplary services always delivered with professionalism, knowledge and care.

Dear Friends
There really is a whole new world of sounds waiting for you. The sounds of nature, wind in the trees, rain falling on rooftops, birds signing and animals of all kinds talking. However, no sound is as beautiful or more satisfying as the clear voices of your loved one, your family and friends.
Seeking help for your hearing difficulties is an important step in your life, one that involves an investment in time, money, and hope.
When you place in me your confidence and trust I promise to do everything within my power to return your hearing to the level you so richly deserve.
David L. Pelladini
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David L. Pellandini

HA 2892

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Forrest Naylor

PCC/Office Manager

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We Offer: A Wide Range of Services & Products

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Diagnostic Services

When you contact us, you will be greeted by our friendly staff that are ready to answer any of your questions and help set up an appointment. We have several time options available for appointments, as well as different appointment types, including a complimentary consultation for new patients. A brief analysis of your current hearing level, hearing difficulties and lifestyle will help set the course for a more detailed treatment. We are able to provide a variety of assessments with our state-of-the-art equipment and treated sound booth here in our office. We treat for both general and occupational hearing loss.

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Hearing Aid Fitting & Selection

There are various levels of hearing aid technologies to choose from. Please be assured that our specialist will evaluate the level that is best suited for your personal needs based on your lifestyle and the extensive testing that has been performed.

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Hearing Aid Services

We service most all brands, models and styles of hearing aids regardless of where you purchased. We offer performance verifications on your current hearing devices and can help make adjustments for efficiency. Free adjustments and tune-ups are available for the entire life of your hearing instrument when purchasing from our practice.

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Hearing Protection

We provide custom hearing and ear protection molds for a variety of situations including swimming, sound filtering, and sleep plugs. In addition to our protection products, we offer ongoing hearing health education to our patients, as well as hearing loss counseling.

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We Love Hearing From Our Patients!

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We offer our patients a complimentary consultation to help introduce you to our practice and what we can do to better your hearing health. To schedule a consultation give us a call or email us at [email protected]!